We are "TEAM ZINC", people know us as highly customer centric organization in Nepal. We are professional with working experience of more than a decade in Nepalese and International Markets.

About us

  • Creative Zinc came together in 2019, with objective to provide outstanding business solution to business organizations in Nepal. Our team realized that there are very less creative agency in Nepal, who provides a complete creative solution to clients. Out of few organizations, very less are highly responsive and customer centric. This led our team to offer a wide range of creative solution in Nepalese market. Our major strength is our "customer centricity in Nepal". We work on customer journey map to understand their actual need. Our area of expertise includes digital marketing, graphic design, website development, marketing campaigns, and business transformation.


  • We are highly “customer centric” and do anything and everything necessary to take care of our customer’s need. We work with genuine organizations only.
  • We strictly limit our service to those organizatons (1) using child labor (2) bank defaulters (3) organization not issuing / taking vat bills (4) Business owners/managers with criminal records. We are highly trusted legal unit.
  • We contribute to Nepalese GDP. We enjoy working with trusted organizaton/citizen.


To become a leading solution provider by delivering customized solution to various organizations across the globe.


Empower our clients and employees by providing excellent business experience through modern customer centric approach, innovation and growth

Meet our awesome TEAM

Ayush Pokhrel

A driven self-starter with a decade of of experience under his belt, Ayush thrives on overcoming the impossible and has achieved notable success in strategic management. As a dynamic team player, Ayush has successfully rallied his team to drive success with his characteristic flair, vision and attention to artistic detail.

Aabhushan Karki

Aabhushan is specialized in marketing.. He takes client relation to the next level with his responsive personality. His knack for managing clients has had him playing the critical role of leading his teams into “battle”

Nitin Thapa

Nitin drives brand journeys with visionary approach that is both bold and immersive. He has been working with various senior executives and decision makers representing leading national and international companies providing them bench-marking opportunities as well as best-tested solutions. 

Sunil Shrestha

With years of progressive experience across a board rang of functions and varied industry segments. Sunil is extremely result-driven, he is no stranger to balancing strategic thinking with attention to details. With his can-do-attitude and out-of-box approach he excels in delivering excellent customer experience.

Sushant Dahal

Sushant is specialized in Data analysis, designing and video editing.. He takes creativity to the next level with his responsive personality. Either it be data analysis, microsoft excel or any other tool, it is chicken for sushant. 

Khalid Ahmed

Khalid ahmed is a designer and gamer. He takes part in international tournament and win trophy. His skill in photoshop and illustrator is outstanding. All creatives that creative zinc dlivers, are output of khalid’s effort. 

Amrita Regmi

Amrita is IT enthusiast currently operating from the USA. She is part of creative zinc team and support zinc team with business development. She represents Zinc Holding and help to client relation along with digital marketing. 

Bikram Thapa

Bikram thapa is MBA from University of Wales. He is marketing “guru” and expert in content writing. He holds responsibility of business development and client relations. He is famous for his killer Lines and is last resort, whenever our team member get stuck with any kind of content.  

Shantinagar, Near Kareshwor Temple, Kathmandu, Nepal