About Us

Creative Zinc is a full-service digital marketing agency that provides innovative solutions to meet the diverse needs of businesses in today’s digital landscape. Our team of experts is dedicated to delivering exceptional results through the strategic application of a wide range of digital marketing services.


At Creative Zinc, we understand that success in digital marketing requires a deep understanding of our clients’ businesses and the markets they serve. That’s why we take a tailored approach to each of our clients, working closely with them to create customized marketing strategies that are designed to deliver real results. Our focus on data-driven, results-oriented campaigns ensures that our clients are equipped to compete and succeed in today’s dynamic digital landscape.

We are passionate about what we do and take pride in helping our clients succeed.


We are more than global, we are LOCAL

We are more than global, we are local – because we know that creativity flourishes in diverse and unique environments. By tapping into the local culture and community, we gain a deeper understanding of what inspires and motivates individuals, which allows us to create truly innovative and impactful campaigns. Our team of creatives is committed to developing ideas that capture the essence of each unique local community while still maintaining a global perspective. With our local expertise and global vision, we bring fresh and exciting ideas to the table that break through the clutter and leave a lasting impression.

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Client Reviews

Our Clients

Saket Sanghai Director of Triveni Group

Zinc is one agency that has done me proud, their team consisting of highly determined individuals work hard and constantly to please their customers. They are very creative with their idead and know how to work together with their clients to foster efffective marketing campaigns.

Subodh Koirala Managing Director of Fujima Group

We were looking for a digital partner for our brand - Control, Royal and MagicPlus lubricant. We had many bad experience with different creative agencies. After partnering with Creative Zinc team, we have amazing work experience. with the team, which is highly responsive, creative and professional. They have been helping us with creative ideas in different marketing campaign that suits Nepalese market.

Ashraya Ranjitkar Director of Meraki Health Solution

One of the most energetic, dedicated and professional team of young entrepreneurs, who are not ashamed of admitting to their limitations, but rather work on their strengths and have added tremendiuos value to our brand. I am glad to have made the decision to work with them and would recommend the team of zinc anytime. - TOTAL DEDICATION - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Sagyan Dhakal
Sagyan Dhakal Marketing Manager of Tokla Tea

Zinc has been a valuable partner for Tokla's marketing activities in the digital space for a couple of years. Their professional and knowledgeable team developed a comprehensive strategy that aligned perfectly with our vision, and they worked diligently to execute it. Their commitment to delivering high-quality work and exceeding expectations makes them an invaluable partner for any business looking to succeed in the digital space.

Bishrant Koirala Brand Manager of Amrit Oil

I’ve been working with Zinc for the past few years and I must say, their innovative approach to marketing has been a game-changer for our brand. Their team of experts truly understand our brand's unique needs. Zinc has consistently delivered exceptional results for Amrit Oil.

Rajesh Agrawal Managing Director Rasan Mart

I have been working with zinc team since three years. They have helped my business grow by enhancing my online presence. I am happy with the responsiveness and deliverables.

Our Values

 We pride ourselves on our six core values: creativity, innovation, collaboration, transparency, excellence, and human-to-human approach (H2H). We believe that these values are the foundation of successful partnerships with our clients. By fostering a creative and innovative environment, collaborating with our clients every step of the way, being transparent in our processes and communication, striving for excellence in everything we do, and putting people at the center of our approach, we are able to deliver customized solutions that drive results. Our values define who we are and how we work, and we are committed to upholding them in everything we do.