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Why hire a person, when you can hire an Agency?

Nepalese businesses strugle to understand about strength of online marketing. There still exist Digital darwinism as mentioned by Brain Solis. It is a situation, where customer expectation and capacity exceeds the capacity of business organization. Millineals are smart enough to choose what they like. In april, 2020 facebook users in Nepal crossed ten million. COVID-19 lockdown was a good starting point for leggards to use their smartphone and learn how to use social media sites, payment gateway and search product online. Lockdown in 2020 is regarded as best automatic campaign for awareness that online marketer were seeking from long time.

Now our old aged grandparents, dad, mom, aunt all are active in Social media. Their average time spend in smart phone sometime exceed average time spend of a young millenial. Now Organizations in Nepal have to think about this oppurtunity and act accordingly.

We remember a meeting with a CEO of renowned Insurance company in Nepal. He told us “He did not understood how online marketing worked”. He was also enthusiast about learning basic functionality of online marketing and how it could benefit any business, but unfortunately after one year his learning curve was horizontal. Nepalese conglomerates also have started using online marketing as core marketing strategy, but only third generation entrepreneurs understand and implement online campaigns effectively. There is a need of awareness among CEO and managers of Nepalese organization that online marketing is very effective to target general population based on their age, sex, interest, and other digital behavior. The persona that online marketers will target will be the people that might be interested in the brand.

Generally, IT department will take care of online marketing and delegate the task of online marketing to Software engineer. This is similar to “going to orthopedic doctor, when your wife is pregnant”. Software engineer rarely have marketing knowledge and whenever, anyone works on a computer cannot do everything. Online marketing is done by IT enthusiasts, who are expert in marketing function. Moreover, creative designs, videos are only possible when marketing expert generates idea on how effectively marketing message have to be delivered to the “persona” that we create.

Overall, online marketing CANNOT be done by one single employee. It needs team effort of Marketing experts, content writers, graphic designers, video editors and professional photographer. If you own or manage an organization and you are thinking of hiring one employee, who will run online campaign, then obviously you are burning cash. We strongly recommend you to hire a bunch of marketing expert, graphic designer, video editor, content writer and digital marketer. This might cost you burden of five employees.

Now, Solution is to hire an creative agency, who can handle everything for you in a cost of one employee. Creative zinc serve its client with amazing marketing campaigns at very reasonable budget. So, why not hire an agency to create brand value for your organization?

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